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With Sherry Shriner

They Shall Mingle Themselves with the
Seed of Men..
Daniel 2:43






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    Hello I"m Sherry Shriner and Welcome to Aliens in the News...

   Have you seen aliens or UFOs? If You have, give me a call..

   If you've seen politicians shapeshifting or you want to, give me a call...

   If you've been a victim of alien or military abductions, give me a call...

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We have Power over all the Forces of Darkness - Yahuah's Remnant is Waking Up.....

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The Omegans "God" main leader, "Christ Michael" who goes by the Name Hatonn ( a close resemblance to Satan, SA TONN)  admits
he's a tall Grey Alien




We Can Defeat Them! We ARE THE RESISTANCE!!



Our Hope and Redemption is in Yahushua (Jesus) - Not the Alien Version of him, not the aliens coming in his name, in the Real Son of the Real Most High God! Don't leave here without knowing Yahushua as your Messiah and Saviour




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